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    A List of things that make BF4 more like the Battlefield™:

    - Commander mode. (At least in some form)
    - Voip.(Coming a long time now)
    - Spectator mode. (Well, hello)
    - Mag pool. (As opposed to Ammo pool- adds a tactical element)
    - Ammo limitations on vehicles. (FFS, don't get me started)
    - C4 in the recon class (Hidey ho, but it's really down to class balance. Spec ops anyone?)
    - Throwable C4 (Hot potatoes)
    - More than 2 factions. (Menage a..nevermind)
    - Working command rose. (Or a daisy, whatevs)
    - Lower suppression effect. (PSE anyone?)
    - Less scope glint. (Although shades are stylish on the battlefield, no?)
    - Reduced spotting spam. (hand gesture in effect now)
    - Reduced HUD wobble.
    - Reduced blood screen.

    Potential things to come that are more in line with classic Battlefield:

    - No spawn protection.
    - Hybrid BF2/BF2142 ranking system
    - Binoculars.
    - Hopefully reduced blue-tinted/themed or contrasty visuals...

    Now add yours.
    I'm sure I missed things that you like/don't like. But at least there is quite an overwhelming consensus in the community regarding most of these things.

    It seems to me that BF4 is to BF3 what Crysis 3 is to Crysis 2- DICE simply didn't finish the game first time around and/or they are improving based on feedback. (A little too late in some areas, but better late than never in other areas).
    The polish that the game is receiving now, together with the features, balancing, and customization will undoubtedly make this a better game and probably worth getting this time around.

    We'll never get over this one.

    The whole issue is game-pace vs game-style, for different users on different servers. In general Battlefield needs to take a step back and re-evaluate scale. Slower is better for now (overall).

    Thank you.

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    Howdy dowdy guys, I remember some of you. We used to post onEAUK frequently back in 2011 with the BF3 hype.

    I enthusiastically commented daily. Eventually it became clear which direction BF3 was going in, and I said I wouldn’t buy it, and I didn’t.
    Looks like DICE are correcting some mistakes and (hopefully) coming back with a purer Battlefield experience in BF4 that most of us would agree that we know and love.
    So here we are yet again.
    So yeah, please add anything to the list that you’ve seenyourself in the released BF4 footage that you feel is a step in the rightdirection, or wishlist away.

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    Oh hey now, I didn't see this sticky: And if anyone knows how to use the "Enter" key to open lines on this forum, that would be great. But see the emphasis here is to say what features, confirmed or rumoured, would make BF4 more Battlefield-like and a vote for purchase, all that good stuff.

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    Lol, nevermind this thread.
    I just discovered this thread:
    Awesome community this. I've been playing Battlefield since BF1942.
    BF3 was the only one I didn't play.
    Carry on then.