Any word on seperate aim sensitivities?

Discussion in 'Battlefield 4' started by serbusfish, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. serbusfish

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    I play on PC mainly however when PS4 comes out I plan to play BF4 on that too (donr hate me Mordor) and I was wondering if they have confirmed whether BF4 will have separate sensitivity settings for ADS and free look? The reason I ask is im not very good with a controller so I set my sensitivity low, but this makes it hard to quickly turn around. So if there were two options I could have free look high and ADS lower. Ive tweeted Demize but I dont think he'll respond.
  2. woess

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    expect the minimum.... you'll get demized preset controlls with only 1 sensivity setting option

    nailed it, evolved... call it what you want we have this shit allready in 4 games (bc/bc2/1943/bf3)... you know they evolve themselfs everytime they release a game...

    and people request more sens options/controller mapping like since bc1....
  3. Lauri455

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    I would friggin hope so. In BF3, ADS sensitivity is like half of hip sensitivity and I hate when games do that. PS2 got that perfectly right few patches ago: now you can change hip sensitivity, ADS sensitivity (affects ironsights and reflex sights) and scope sensitivity (x3.4 and up).
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  4. cRoSsxFaDEs

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    In other words, if DICE isn't retarded (they are) they would implement a variety of sensitivity settings (they won't), such as:

    -Hip sens
    -ADS sens
    -Scope sens

    -Tank/IFV sens
    -Armor .50cal seat sens
    -Jet sens
    -Helicopter pilot sens
    -Helicopter gunner sens

    But here's to hoping they do figure it out.
  5. serbusfish

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    Thinking about it on console they didnt even include separate sensitivity for tank turrets, yet on PC it is there. This sucked as I had the overall sensitivity set low which makes a tank turret take half a year to rotate. So I really hope they implement separate options this time. In fact im sure I remember demize tweeting a question about it a while ago?