Gamescom New Game Mode Prediction (+ New Info)

Discussion in 'Battlefield 4' started by NoFaTe, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. NoFaTe

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    Hey folks!

    It's been a while since I last posted here, so I'm back with a prediction for the new Game Mode that will be revealed during Gamescom, as well as some other new info!

    So, I'm taking a (not so) wild guess that the Game Mode that will be revealed during Gamescom will be Obliteration!

    Now, if you've read my last topic on BF4 Game Modes you might remember that I've mentioned Obliteration before, however this time I have more info.

    Note: The info below is extremely unverified and is collected by me by picking at the game files (and Battlelog).


    Obliteration seems to be a 2-team and 64-player mode, where players are (probably) supposed to arm and destroy the enemy team's MCOM stations.

    Each team appears to have 3 MCOM stations (not sure if that's in total or at once) that need to be destroyed in order to for the opposing team to win the match.

    I guess you could say it's a variant of Rush where both teams have active MCOMs at the same time.

    It appears that there are several (randomized?) drop-off zones in the Obliteration maps, where the required supplies (bombs) to arm and blow up the enemy sites are dropped (parachuted down by either the Commander or the server itself).


    Now, there's another new Game Mode (which I doubt will be presented at Gamescom, since I can't find that many resources/references to it, meaning it might be less complete and/or tested).

    That mode is called Elimination.

    Elimination seems to be a 2-team and 10-player mode (without squads), where players are (probably) supposed to eliminate the players from the opposite team in order to win (which means there probably are no re-spawns).

    If you ask me, it looks like Close Quarters TDM with no re-spawns (probably to attract more attention from the e-Sports scene).


    Moreover, it appears that Conquest Domination has been renamed to Domination and now supports a maximum number of 10 players in total.

    Not sure what to make out from that, but feel free to let your imagination run wild in your replies.


    Finally, it seems that the Commander function is only supported in 3 Game Modes, which are:

    • Conquest Small
    • Conquest Large
    • Obliteration

    So yeah, that's it folks...

    Let me know what you think!
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  2. zesty

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    The Obliteration is perfect for eSports too, only if they have nice and balanced designed maps.

    Oh wait maps!
  3. Androff

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    I believe the new gamemode will be similar to battleship.

    The Idea is to sink all enemy ships by capturing most of the control points that fire missiles towards the ship.

    so lets say 5 or 6 ships on each side. and a few control points like 3 or 4 with missiles off shore.
  4. DaciaJC

    DaciaJC Member

    Now this sounds like a proper game mode. Would be nice if they replaced Rush entirely with this Obliteration.
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  5. Ronin

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    That's what we want...

    so it can't be it :p
  6. Lauri455

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    So we still have "Conquest Small" and "Conquest Large" huh? I guess making 16, 32 and 64p versions of OOB and flag layouts would take too much of development time.
  7. Androff

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    well i been pushing for this mode for a very long time. i send them my crappy looking mod files with my resume. <_< no response
  8. NoFaTe

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    After digging through the files a bit more I think I found some more interesting info.

    It appears that there are several (randomized?) drop-off zones in the Obliteration maps, where the required supplies (bombs) to arm and blow up the enemy sites are dropped (parachuted down by either the Commander or the server itself).

    Again, this info is completely unverified, but yeah...

    I've updated the first post with this info.
  9. SkeletonPirate

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    Elimination needs to have 64 players as well!!!
  10. Mustangfighter10

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    I hope it's all at once and on a square/circle map instead of the typical rush map were every objective is placed in an almost straight line which is 50 meters wide. Maybe add some flags which can be capped to provide closer spawn points to the MCOMs.

    Also I hope they make the MCOMs larger and more complex, I mean this is Battlefield right? Battlefield is all about scaling things up. Why do we still need to destroy something small like a few boxes that are supposed to be communication devices? Why not kick it up a notch and make the objective a power plant. which you can destroy by blowing up smaller objective in the power plant like turbines, valves and pipes. Or is a big scripted event all we get?
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  11. ArC2m

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    If this is the case it sounds very interesting. I don't like the funneling and linearity of rush. Hopefully this will fix those issues, seeing as eveybody is not focused on the same objectives all the time.
  12. Kill8ox

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    They keep twisting and turning the Battlefield from inside and out.
    Whatever happened to the only real mode that Battlefield was about? i mean how many hybrid modes do we have now and counting.
  13. James_D_Sidious

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    i like the idea of them adding more modes (no, not CloseQuarters, Scavenger and that kind of shit). CQ alone gets boring after some time. This new Gamemode with it's randomized 'flow of play' seems rather interesting, if and that's a big IF, the whole map is playable from the beginning of the round.
  14. BlindChance

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    Let's jut hope new rush / obliteration maps are not artificial tunnels with no real flanking options.
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  15. Markov

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    They really need to make maps designed for gamemode, like in BFBC2.
    More gamemodes for single map will simply ruin it IMO.
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  16. phreec

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    Bah, new gamemodes don't interest me much. Conquest is the one and only game mode that defines Battlefield in my eyes.

    I dislike Rush but Obliteration might be worth checking out though. Lets just hope DICE has done something about supernova suns blinding one team and some sort of teamstacking prevention.
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  17. Dagohoy

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    But but but...i want titan mode :(
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  18. RiGGs_sco

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    Obliteration sounds interesting. The other game modes sound like they are rubbish.
  19. Slarlac249

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    BF3 didn't have Conquest Large. It only had Conquest Small. Large does not exist and hasn't since 2142.

    Post invalidated. 15 penalty points for you.
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