GTA5 wont be coming out to PC

Discussion in 'General Video Games Discussion' started by KOTUK, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. KOTUK

    KOTUK New Member

    So from reading somewhere on forums it looks like GTA5 wont be coming out on PC>?!
    Just went to Official website to check out the Pre-Order thing to be sure and yeh only PS3 and Xbax
    I mean if that's what's really going to happen it would suck for PC community big time. I'm sure
    that we all have played GTA series and not being able to get this on hands............
    WHYYYYYYYYYY Now imagine whats going to happen when next Gen console come out...
  2. DaciaJC

    DaciaJC Member

    The initial release will only be for consoles, true. But that doesn't mean there won't be a PC port some months after, like they did for GTAIV.
  3. FURT1V3

    FURT1V3 Member

    If it is as bad as the last one I am not in the slightest bothered.
  4. Ghost_Leader

    Ghost_Leader Member Silver Donor

    EDIT: Screw it,I can't read obviously.Misleading title tho.
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  5. deltahawk5

    deltahawk5 Member

    Re: GT5 wont be coming out to PC

    Try reading the OP.
  6. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Member

    GT5 = Gran Turismo 5

    GTA 5 = Grand Theft Auto 5

    you might want to change your title
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  7. LostMem0ry

    LostMem0ry Member

    It'll be coming out on PC. Maybe not on release date, but it'll either be out a few weeks after, like Max Payne 3, or X months later, like gta4. Rockstar know's that their is sales potential on PC and they aren't going to blatantly disregard it.
  8. KOTUK

    KOTUK New Member

    Care to explain?? I honestly liked it not alot though 7/10

    As was mention above by Ghost_leader. I also own PS3(primarly for my son) though I enjoyed playing Uncharted games,but I highly doubt that would happen any time soon.

    @LostMem0ry We all know what happened to Max Payne 3 and I think I was not the only 1 who were waiting on that game release,
    seems like all devs are now too lazyyy to make decent game.
    I still enjoy playing Crysis in SP

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  9. frajerik

    frajerik Member

  10. eeras

    eeras Member

    Take that, PC players! Xbox master race reporting in.

    But honestly, it sucks that you won't get it. I never cared for GTA, but it sucks to those of you who do.
  11. Chico

    Chico Member

    They never said it won't be coming to PC. I'm sure it will be a late release like normal.
  12. deltahawk5

    deltahawk5 Member

    GTA4 was possibly the worst console port ever made, good riddance in my opinion.
  13. Evil1nside

    Evil1nside Member

    Am I really the only one here who don't give any shit for GTA in general? lol.
    Anyway... from what I've seen I'm not impressed at all, as I was not impressed with GTA4 when it first came out. Actually the only thing about GTA that I like are the mods... there are some that turns GTA4 to look much much better then what we've seen from GTA5 so far. IMO... GTA5, not a big deal. Also don't forget how RockStar port their games to PC anyway... which again is a solid kick in the nuts to the PC fans of the game.
  14. redstorm

    redstorm Member

    good riddance indeed, GTA IV PC port was awful.
  15. blondbassist

    blondbassist Member Green Donor

    I can tell you that you are not alone!

    GTAIV is probably the most boring Open World game I've ever played didn't even manage to get half way through the game before failing to find the courage to play it again and I played GTA3,Vice Cits and Sanandreas to death way back on the Playstation 2.

    I'm not excited at all for GTAV because of GTAIV, Maybe if I didn't ever play GTAIV my opinion would have been different.
  16. -lOldboyl-

    -lOldboyl- Member Silver Donor

    I'm not really interested, the singleplayer will likely have some laughs but the multiplayer side of things will likely be a laggy and buggy mess. 2012 and it's like Rockstar hasn't heard of dedicated servers.

    They seem to have little respect for the PC these days and also don't seem to care about customer feedback... I mean they don't even have a forum last time I checked.
  17. redstorm

    redstorm Member

    I rather not comment about gameplay itself because it would sound biased, hence i'm a long time 'hater' of the series.
    the only GTA I truly Liked was the first one (with the top down view) and VICE CITY for the atmosphere and visuals. GTA 2 was awful, GTA 3 and San Andreas never appealed to me, and GTA IV I couldn't even enjoy with such a lazy and unoptimzed port.
  18. SG-17

    SG-17 Member

    The multiplayer for Red Dead Redemption was fantastic, so if they've learned anything the multiplayer for GTAV will be even better.
  19. Evil1nside

    Evil1nside Member

    Also don't forget about the Rockstar Social Club(or whatever its name was) where you have to be signed in in order to play... shit! even Origin don't require you do be online to play the Singleplayer.
  20. blondbassist

    blondbassist Member Green Donor

    How do you expect Rockstar to respect PC as a platform when the platform itself disrespects developers with a 90%+ piracy rate? :neucoffee:
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