Massive Battlefield 4 Patch In-Bound

Discussion in 'Battlefield 4' started by battlefield_guy69, Jan 27, 2014.

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    I spoke to Daniel Matros the other night and was told a "massive" (and he meant massive) patch was due before the end of January, most likely meaning sometime at the end of this week.

    I confirmed with other sources but they wouldn't go into details. From the understanding, the patch list was several pages long and contained everything from gameplay balancing to technical fixes and from what someone hinted, netcode "improvements".

    This is a patch that had been in the works one or two weeks since release and as people returned to work, it became more and more complex. I still however, fail to understand why they did not push fixes as they were produced over time.

    It'll be interesting to see, and only time will tell, how stable the build will be. With how many changes are being made, I think the player base will face challenges for at least one or two weeks as a few hotfixes might be pushed.
  2. cRoSsxFaDEs

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    One or two weeks since release? Yeah, that's cool PR talk.

    It'll be a large patch to coincide with (DUN-DUN-DUN) Second Assault, surprise surprise! It'll have a lot of technical fixes and a lot of bullshit thrown in that breaks the game in new ways, with very little that actually balances or fixes or improves the game.

    Oh and the token netcode improvements, right! Just like the last patch! Or the patch that fixed bullets doing double-damage, good job DICE!

    Next time you speak to zh1nt0, ask him how that #highrollingstudio shit is going for him.

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    If this is true, what I don't understand is why the hell they didn't communicate to the community weeks before that they were working on such a big patch covering all these aspects as you claim. Is it because of the lawsuits? Likely. Too bad im going overseas for 2 weeks without net, would have loved to see how this turned out.
  4. Pine Cone

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    Massive, huh? Like 25GB massive? Because I don't see how anything short of a complete redo will fix this game.
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  5. Androff

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    this patch will seal their faith. you'll see.
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  6. xXJon2011Xx

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    Patch better fix netcode, but is probably just mantle.
  7. Nelson

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    let´s hope it fixes the game. people that bought bf4 deserve a fully working, finished game. but i doubt that dice will fix the netcode or balance the game correctly since bf3 is a good example that dice doesn´t fix the netcode and balance just become worse with patches. will have to wait and see.
  8. Workhorse

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    Call me cynical but OP you sound like you've made this up
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    As for the op....

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  10. infinite.loop

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    Didn't demize say last week that there won't be any massive (BF3 like) patches coming for BF4?

    Because EA and Sony want a fortune of money for every patch you release on their consoles......
  11. Alph4Dawg

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    Hi, Daniel. Where is teh cat?!
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  12. AdrIneX

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    This is probably the Mantle patch. Netcode improvements huh? I'd pay to see that... oh wait, I already did.
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    The same guy who said 6 months time biggest esports fps.. yeah, he really is creditable.. everything he has said up until this point has been utter and I mean utter bullshit.

    I dont know if zhinto knows if hes awake or dreaming most of the time.
  14. TOCS

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    I thought they said the game was perfect already?
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  15. Lord Crc

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    According to sliced_lime, the netcode improvements we can expect is simply that it replays the actions more consistently. So your fate is still sealed, but at least you'll notice the health going down in a few hits rather than what looks like instakill.

    So I guess it's an improvement. Too bad we need a new cake and not just different frosting.
  16. infinite.loop

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    The best thing BF4 will get is BF3 type hitreg. Which is still crap - but sliced_lime does not know/agree.
  17. Slarlac249

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  18. SkacikPL

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    Mantle + DLC.

    Additionally changelog consisting of 2/4/6 entries.
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  19. Drungly

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    - Fixed one of the most common crashes
    - Various improvements to the so called "netcode"

    Notes to be posted 3 weeks after release.
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