Men of War: Assault Squad

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    Can anyone who owns this game explain how Skirmish works? I downloaded the demo, and after playing for about an hour, I can say that the gameplay is, in my opinion, far superior to Company of Heroes (though the UI is a bit of a mess). But the "Skirmish" mode seems to be only a campaign, a series of scenarios with pre-determined objectives, scripted enemy movements, etc. Does the full game have a proper skirmish mode a la CoH or Age of Empires, wherein you and an AI opponent fight on an equal playing field with identical objectives (e.g. wipe out your opponent)? Or perhaps there is a workaround to play such a mode - playing MP with just bots, or modding the SP skirmish mode?

    I really do prefer MoW's gameplay (Direct Control eliminating randomness + better command options + unit inventory system + detailed vehicle damage model), but I have little interest in the game if it only consists of scripted missions (I don't care for PvP multi, either). :hmm:
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    Yeah I can explain it for you, been a huge fan on MOW for a while
    And skirmish isnt really skirmish, its much more like a more open scripted mission.
    The full game doesnt have SP in a traditional sense but it has those "SP missions"

    As you dont care for PvP (which is the best part of MOW IMHO, learn alot from other people)
    and you dont want the scripted mission, I'd suggest the DCG, or Dynamic Campaign generator mod for it. Its a little complicated to set up, but its totally worth it and is extremely fun, its like how skirmish mode should be, but with full campaigns.

    Link: ... ault-squad
    Anyway theres some nice other mods for MOW AS and the original MOW, most are still being worked on but the total conversion mods seems great.
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    Thanks for the info. Apparently they're developing MoW2, which hopefully will have a true skirmish mode and improved UI.