Recon class in BF4 + .50 cal snipers

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    Here's the sniper class thread of suggestions to make Snipers better in BF4 as in BF3 the recon class is underpowered.
    First thing, the Recon class should be splitted into two classes:

    Sniper: Long Range Marksman

    -Sniper Rifle
    -9mm Pistol silenced (silencer mandatory)
    -Binoculars/Soflam portable (with range finder and zoom varying from 8x to 36x, a la Far Cry 3 camera)
    -Ghillie suit (with choice to custom it with various colors, anti-IR, and if in bushes/dirt you can't be spotted)
    -Claymores x2 (they don't disappear if you die)
    -Smoke Grenades

    Unique Attachements: 6X,8X,12X, 20X Scope

    Recon: Special Forces

    -9mm Pistol
    -Small UAV/T-UGS (portable, with the ability to place it.)
    -C4/Radio spawn

    Unique ability of increasing the time enemies he spots stays spotted

    Maximum range of bolt action rifles should be based off their caliber. Maximum achievable range should be 3000/4000 metres.
    The farthest sniper kill ever in real life is of 2800 metres. Watch BF3's longest headshots and you will se 6000 metres. Twice as much as the longest ever? I find it improbable, if not impossible.
    With this range cap, 20x scopes could be possible, as we won't see snipers from 6km trying to kill stationary targets.
    Bullet drop should be similar to BC2's one (bullets weren't big as tank shells and they dropped much more less.
    Every sniper rifle should have its own reticules, as it was in BC2, making the choice harder and more personal, and also making them look sexier.
    the Soflam for the sniper would work in a completely different way. First, it should be portable, it should have an incorporated range finder, zoom varying from 8x to 36x (so you can zoom as you want, using every different level of zoom) and its laser wouldn't be like in BF3 where it shines red. It wouldn't shine unless you are targetting a vehicle.
    It should also have the ability to target every place you want and it appears in mortars mini-map and increases accuracy and damage the mortar makes in the designated area.

    The Barrett M82A3 from BF3's campaign should be in BF4, there I list what could be the positive and negative points about a .50 caliber rifle in BF4.

    Positive points:
    -Very little bullet drop
    -Fastest travelling shots among all snipers
    -70 RPM
    -Suppression effects last more and are more evident (a la BF3 Fault line trailers sniper)
    -OHK to chest (until 100m) and head at every distance
    -Can destroy helicopters in 5-6 hits, jets in 3 hits, jeeps in 2 hits
    -Bullets go through walls and make big holes
    -Can still earn headshot bonuses but it is capped at 1000 points (headshot distance still shows)
    -Can use the bipod at higher surfaces so you can't only shoot when prone when using it

    Negative points:
    -Very long reload
    -Great muzzle flash
    -Very loud
    -Long time to aim
    -You can aim only when you prone
    -Has high recoil so it would be better to have a bipod
    -Every movement speed is halved
    -Can't be silenced
    -You don't carry grenades
    -You carry one less mag
    -Mags replenish slower from ammunition box
    -Takes more to switch to pistol or knife and to reswitch


    Every factions Snipers start with a bolt action rifle.
    Then as they rank up the class they gain access to more rifles, including .50 caliber and semi-auto high power ones, for example M110.
    Then Snipers unlock their tools and last unlock should be the ghillie suit. While the other tools would be easy and fast to unlock, unlocking ghillie suit should harder and slower, as it will then be an important tool for the snipers. They will be able to equip it in the camo changing menu, having 3 different colors for it (woodland, desert and snow) while also still having the choice of equipping normal outfit and customize it with different colors (for urban maps).


    Every sniper rifle has its own optic and reticule. Standard optic is 8x. 10 kills unlock laser sight, 20 kills unlock less sway attachment, 30 kills unlock faster bolt pull, 40 kills unlock silencer, 50 kills unlock 12x scope, 60 kills unlock precision barrel, 70 kills unlock FMJs, 80 kills unlock bigger magazines, 90 kills unlock bipod, 100 kills unlock 20x scope. (every attachment is questionable so ask me and suggest me changes)
    Also you can't equip low power scopes to semi-auto snipers like the M110.


    Heashot distances still gives points based on the distance, except for .50 calibers where its capped at 1000m (while it still shows the distance).
    Soflam spotting vehicles: 30 points
    Soflam spotted vehicle gets destroyed: 50 points
    Soflam marked area gets a kill for the mortar: 20 points
    MAV spots an enemy: 30 points
    MAV sensor bonus: 50 points
    T-UGS spots an enemy: 20 points
    T-UGS sensor bonus: 40 points


    Suggest and question everything you read.
    I will edit the thread reading your suggestions.
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    I already knew that, but one can only hope.
    I will try even if they said that. If there is some hope better to try now than late.
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    Sniper was fine in BF3.

    Only thing I would change is to remove scope glint and have the markings on the scope actually represent the distance of the bullets travel.
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    When you have a 3+ km draw distance scope glint is needed IMO. It wasn't a problem in pre-BF3 because you couldn't kill people across the map.
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    1. I like the majority of your ideas. I can imagine both classes being used effectively by Classic BF players in an awesome, tactical game.

    2. Unfortunately, the people who will be playing BF4 will not be Classic players. They will be the target audience, derping around the nearest mountain, trying to score over 9000 meter headshots. How do we prevent this?

    You know what would be a good idea for snipers? An assassination bonus.

    Nailâ„¢ a squad leader in the head and get +200 points.

    Of course, they would need to bring back SL spawning for it to be relevant.
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    even in BF2, u can always find those camping snipers, I don't think we can change that much, but at lest in BF4, I don't want to see DICE give recon or sniper class alot of tools to help them camping like in BF3.
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    OHK under 300 m. Metro 2, .50cal and laser sight, here i come :neucoffee:

    non spotable in dirt, bushes?

    what was the name of that one sniper guy on EAUK again? You remind me off him.
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    Suggest them on Facebook. I suggested they implement NS-2000 and HS-2000 side arm in the game as I'd like to see how that shottie and how that side arm works with new weapon mechanics. They replied in about 20 minutes, they said they'll pass my suggestion to the team. Then after 8 hours they replied they took it under consideration.
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    i suggest removing all bolt-action snipers, just leave the DMRs for the recons :smiley28:
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    I also want the M107 or M82A3 in the game.

    BUT! I never want this weapon to kill in 1 shot. Why?Starting that "balance" secondly, in BF3 tanks and mounted 50 cals of several vehicles take some bullets to kill the enemy, I think it's like 7 or so.

    I would propose 2 hit kills, and you would be cumbersome to move. The Barrett is a big weapon after all and you cant just use while running, even though it is entirely possible to shoot it standing or from the hip because it's a heavy weapon and that balances the recoil, for balance purposes. I think you should be deployed before firing.

    As for the wookie suit again? No thank you. It's bullshit that many snipers nowadays carry those into towns. And the majority of pics you see in the net, are just training exercises or just civilians who dress as them.

    And in real life, when the guillie suit is carried, it's not a giant moss around all your body. Is just some coveralls around your back and head, and just a little bit on your legs, but the rest is free, with reinforced pads on the knees and the elbows to crawl.

    Many snipers dont even carry it, and just dress as a regular grunt would do. And you know what? It's better like that.
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    .50cal rifle is an anti-material rifle.

    Were it to be in the game, it should be a deployed weapon like a BF3 mortar, and be for the support kit. It would shoot the same bullet as a deployable M2 browning, but more accurately and with a powerful scope, to make up for it's static nature.
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    You dont make any sense. I agree with deployed, the chance of *a engineer to snipe? You think it will be used as an anti material weapon?


    It will be used to snipe.

    So no thank you. Besides, we cannot really destroy vehicle engines in BF series so far. And the M107 has been used constantly as a sniping tool for long range.
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    well it worked in 2142 ;)

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    You only say their fine because you don't like them.
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    You're right I did a mistake it was actually 100m.
    Or it could be none but 100m is really little distance that .50 cal users would never kill in that distance

    To the one who told me to post this on facebook, could you please do it for me? You would do me a great favour
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    Even 100 is still pushing it, I would say 10.

    As for the "But it's a 50 cal!"

    So what? When the APC's 20 or 30mm fire at you, you dont die in one shot either.