Supergenius tips and tricks for bf4

Discussion in 'Battlefield 4' started by ThePianoDentist, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. ThePianoDentist

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    hadnt seen any threads for cool setups or tips in general.

    here are a couple of things I have picked up from the first week:

    the laser sight is so much more useful than bf3. It seems a combination of it having more effect, and laserless guns hipfire full auto accuracy penalty seeming to be higher (or just crosshair widens quicker) than bf3 for any close encounters it makes a massive difference.

    I literally dont think i can play without one nowadays, without one my close range 1v1s are maybe 50%, but with it, no joke, my 1v1s are about 90% in my favour.

    the gunship may seem annoying but is just a sitting duck once you've unlocked the sraw. takes 4 sraws to kill it, even less if jets or heavy mgs can soften it up

    seems like 90% of tank drivers at this point in the game do not take any precautions about landmines (eg thermal vision or spotting the ground ahead as they drive) therefore putting a few down on the A/B road on golmund in a small hole caused by other explosions...or anywhere in general in the game is often guaranteed to net you a kill eventually. Not sure if this is the right amount but I put 3 down in exactly the same place so rather than wounding a tank it guarantees and instant kill

    impact grenades(is that their name?) are good on locker as the lower time to react to them seems to net more kills than any other type of grenade when thrown into crowded places

    finally a full salvo of mobile artillery does just under or roughly 100 damage to enemy armour so when the enemy has this never sit still, when you can get it back towards your base out of harms way and enjoy some easy kills.
  2. Noodlesocks

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    When using Javelin, fire first rocket and reload. It will fly off into the sky. After reloading, reacquire lock and fire. Your first missile will reacquire it's target and you will hit the enemy twice.

    Hitting a tank with a full salvo of 25mm cannons directly in the rear will do around 70 damage.

    Claymroes are best used facing a wall or similarly vertical surface for the trip wires to attach to.
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  3. MentalDepravity

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    Best multipurpose set up for Lav is Sabot rounds(great anti vehicle) and the rockets(azmaing for infantry and building destruction aswell as pretty decent against armour)

    The burst cannon on the boat is beyond amazing,can be used to snipe heli's,if little birds get close you can down them in two full mags.Reactive armour on most vehicles is sorta pointless as its to incosistant,better with maintanence till its wokring as intended.

    For tanks the default shells are the most consistant,Good against vehicles and supurisingly deadly against infantry.The other shells seem to be similar in damage vs Vehicles aswell as having other drawbacks.

    Carbines,i havnt got them all yet but so far,A-91 is hipfire beast and great for cqb and the Ace 52 is pretty similar to BF3's ACR,except it has a lot higher bullet damage,definatly the best mid-long carbine,deffo one of the best allround weapons in the game at this point imo

    Been tryin to take advantage aswell of the lean mechanic,as it offers you a huge advantage when you know where people are but its pretty awkward till you know what parts of maps it works on properly.

    And yea with the mines,if you aint gonna be in a vehicle,just take them and drop some every life,bare minimum it slows down enemy vehicles,and give you an early warning/info of where vehicles are when they detonate an give you points
    As engy only perk package really worth taking is anti tank,more rockets more mines
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  4. rukqoa

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    A feature, not a bug?
  5. phreec

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    AKU-12 Burst fire is 1000RPM and it wrecks people. Fairly accurate too with the right attachments.
  6. Noodlesocks

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    A feature I think. I believe it's the same for every weapon that requires constant lock. If you lose lock and reacquire, the missile will continue on target. The reload on Javelin is just fast enough to be able to have two in the world at once.
  7. unknownusername

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    It runs great on the test range, however I got a lot of jamming, depending on the server lag.
  8. Lauri455

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    You can "stack" SRAW missiles the same way you can with Jav, as mentioned by Noodlesocks. Depending how far away your target is, you can have 3 actively guided missiles in the air.

    TUGS with SpecOps' upgrade is an amazing tool for Rush. Plant it near your MCOM while defending and get your killstreak on. Plant it around enemy MCOMs to know where the enemies are at. 95% of players are so clueless they won't notice it's there. I won quite a few rounds of Rush by simply relying on that thing. Well placed spawn beacon can win you a round as well.

    A-91 is not utter garbage like it was in BF3. It's actually very nice. Completely destroys everything in CQC.

    M320 Flashbang and LVG crash your game >.>

    On the Test Range, after spawning on "US BASE", turn around, there's an ammo box that gives you 100 of whatever you're holding while getting near it. Useful if you want to practice launcher skillz. Also having 100 nades is funny.

    Moving targets are surprisingly good to learn how to use a bolt action to snipe moving targets on long ranges.

    Opening a Battlepack while on a server that has crashed gives you its content while not counting that you've opened it.

    So that's the redeeming factor of AKU-12. When I used it, it felt like a less accurate AK5C.
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  9. Noodlesocks

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    Oh, a tip with tugs. Place the tugs and plant C4 around it. If you see enemy show up around it, blow the C4. Good for rush too =)
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  10. Gorillaz MD

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    Did somebody say "Supergenius"?
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  11. Noodlesocks

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    Probably more of an exploit but if you have mortar and ammo bag. Once you've used your rounds on mortar, deploy ammo and you will get a new mortar with full ammo in seconds =P

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  13. SharkyMcShark

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    Land mines are so effective because, as I discovered today, if you're running the game on medium/high or less they look like misshapen lumps of rubble until you get within what would be 2 metres in game of them, and only then will it switch to the high LOD model and they will look like mines.
  14. BobbyDylan

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    You can equip M2 Slam and the AT mines at the same time. Great for covering a lot of ground in pain.

    Also, if you stumble across a Tank and have the M2 Slam's equiped, rather than taking a shot at it with your rocket launcher, sneak up to it and attache the M2's to the hull. Then run off and a) It'll blow by itself after a few mins, or B) then put a grenade or rocket into it, blowing the whole lot in one hit.

    Jihad Jeeps are no where near as fun in this game, if they work at all. Truing to get it to work just ended with me going 3 - 21 in Golmud yesterday. Without C4 trolling, I doubt I'll play BF4 for anywhere near as long as I played BF3.
  15. ThePianoDentist

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    to take advantage of the way the hit detection is done....

    ...never sit and wait for a guy to come round the corner. The guy running around the corner always has a major advantage in 1v1s.

    what you can do to get an edge in some fights is spot the guy, run behind a corner, watch him chasing you on the minimap, then pop back around the corner just before he gets to it.
  16. Stormfreek

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    I agree 100% about the laser sight, but consciously remind yourself you have it to your disposal and it will help :)
  17. sideshow_bob

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    can't even use some SLAMs on the bumper?
  18. Ghost_Leader

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    Ok,does toggling the laser sight off still give you the hip-fire bonus like in BF3 or Planetside 2?
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  19. Winfernal

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    I know a couple of supergenius tips;

    Throw out medkits if you are Assault. And ammoboxes if you are Support.
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  20. Tomo

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    This for me too. Quads and unarmoured jeeps also have a habit of exploding giving anyone on board a KIA when you hit the even the tiniest of objects/inclines at speed. Another level of frustration for C4 jihadding.