Unconfirmed BF4 Campaign Spoilers

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    Because why not?


    Here goes:

    • There's a movement tutorial
    • You go to some safe house
    • There is some school cafetaria where shit goes down (Irish killing the CoD dog?)
    • There's a tank from which you escape
    • You fight some folks with suppressors
    • You reach some construction site where shit goes down
    • You run towards the extraction point
    • Building collapses due to heli shooting at it
    • You steal a civilian car
    • Heli crashes on you
    • You're in the car underwater and shit goes down

    • You're (or someone else) being tortured
    • You're introduced to the whole prison thing
    • There is some knife fighting
    • Dima appears (Dimitri Mayakovsky from BF3)
    • You gear up
    • You go to the maintenance area where shit goes down
    • You (or someone else) cuts the power
    • Something related to lockdown happens
    • Someting related to molotov cocktails goes down
    • You go to the prisoner processing room
    • You return to the cellblock
    • You go to some monitor room
    • You either assault, or get assaulted by some guy called Bohai
    • You go through the torture hallway (which is either empty or you empty it)
    • You go to the reception just to be greeted by teargas grenades
    • You go to some kitchen that explodes (wat)
    • Then you go to some hall where Hanna and Irish are being tortured
    • You exit through the ventilation system and the kitchen
    • There's some rappeling and sliding going on
    • You reach some helipad
    • You attack some trap and then you defend it from attackers
    • The tram descends
    • The tram crashes

    • You're at the entry of the city
    • Shit goes down as you move through the city
    • You reach a bridge and shit goes down
    • You get to some camp
    • You ride some motorbikes to reach the Dam
    • You infiltrate the Dam
    • You do some shit inside the Dam
    • You place a bomb in the Dam
    • You escape from the Dam
    • You slide on some mud
    • You almost drown and get washed up somewhere
    • You regroup with your squad
    • You encounter some enemies in the now flooded city and shit goes down
    • You then retake some airfield
    • You leave the city

    • You're at the med bay
    • You meet Irish
    • You go for a briefing with Garrison
    • You get on a RHI boat
    • You go to a Titan airship carrier
    • There is some swimming tutorial
    • You find some survivors (what happened?)
    • You're in some flooded corridor
    • You go into some comms room
    • You're out in the tilted hangar and shit goes down
    • There's some discussion or something about the hull
    • Then you're in some intel room and shit goes down
    • The hull is breached
    • Shit goes down on the deck of the Titan
    • Shit goes down in the sea
    • Shit goes down again on other decks
    • You go to some flight deck where shit goes down
    • You go to the bridge and shit goes down

    • You're flying over the ocean
    • You land at some beach
    • Something goes down at a park
    • You reach an office complex
    • There are some flanker planes
    • Something goes down at some bridge with high traffic

    Those events aren't particularly in the correct order and do not describe the entire campaign.
    You may notice that 'Prologue' is the 17min of gameplay that was posted and 'Naval' is the 'Angry Sea' map.

    That's it folks!
    Don't say I didn't tell ya :D
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    Dude, from where did you grab these? o_O

    You are some kind wizard...
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    I'm a psychic :eek:
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    why does dice push all the info allready to battlelog ?
  5. TheJLC

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    There is no mention of missing nuclear bombs or USA is dominate.
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    Who said this is on Battlelog?
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    Will 'Murican Muhreens save the planet from the Communists? I can't feel connected and emotions if that doesn't happen.
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    scavenging alpha files :X

    Because you can deliberately remove textures, but you can't remove SP references lulz.
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    alpha ?
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    I was told there'd be nukes. Pre order canceled.
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    looking forward to shit going down.
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    the sp looks like a big one scripted event :rolleyes:
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    Can't be, they used the word sandbox multiple times to describe it. :troll:
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    No Haggard, pre order cancelled
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    So if playtime stays around the same for the remaing parts oyu listed, the SP can be played through in 4 hours or so. That does sound about right. :D
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    Indeed, DICE gives you the option to flank the oven in the kitchen scene from the left or the right!
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    What? People actually played Bf 3's SP through? I tried to and had to quit after first 10 minutes, made me sleepy and bored.
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    Good to know BF4 codename
    Much appreciated DICE
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    As expected, the SP isnt interest enough to make me play it...


    I heard that they are trying to make us play SP as there will have MP contents locked in the SP (same way they did for BF3 Coop.) Cant confirm it as my source didnt reply any mail since E3. :neautralrsmileycard
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    EA DICE got to him and are now waterboarding him in basement of Stockholm HQ as they try to get intel out of him like to who he leaked classified information...